Tribute To Fallen 44

Mamasapano: What happen there

So was I, so was you,
I guess, the rest of us,
Were stunned.
As the news aired on our TV set.
Holding our wife hand,
Drinking soda well and alive.
What happened there,
Only God can tell.
They dead.
All night long~
They dead.
Must be dead.
That’s the way of the world.
That’s the thing I hated it,
The so-called way of the world.
It was an eerie night.
Crickets were silent.
The muddied river soaked them for hours.
They convulsed
First the finger of their hand
Then their entire soul
No one can tell if the stars gleam on~
That dreadful night of January.
A hazy cloud spit a slight smudges~
On heavenward view
But its all dark
Their body dances on the shadow.
A brown owl felt something isn’t right.
It stretch its wings,
Probably hooted along the wind howl
Then it flew
Lost toward the moonless night.
A bullet can travel
Faster than the speed of sound.
Even a 100 pound man may stagger.
Cannot believe he staggered.
And it’s too late.
He was hit on the chest.
That sonofabitch hit him h-a-r-d~
On the chest.
As the burning lead tear inside
His flesh.
He’s going to die at very young age
He’s going to die and
He knows he would
And that was it.
Tears brimmed on his eyes.
Even how brave men are,
They cry~
They always do.
Dying alone is the most sad thing.
Thinking those people you love
That it’s just only a bad dream
It’s going to be alright
You still gonna see ’em
You still gonna hug ’em
You still gonna kiss ’em
Your parents are old
Probably listening on their vintage
Transistor radio
Imagining you when you were a baby
Kids who had luck from your attention
Wife who cried all night on thier knees
Head flat on the floor praying
How can he possibly say goodbye
He had no dime to buy some time in the world
The smell of cordite was intense
He laughed with disbelief because
He been shot with a very old gun~
A slinged singled- shot monster.
The beast.
Before his breath ceased
He looked at the stars in heaven
Only for a last chance
How it waned on the heaven
He’s going home
He’s going home with his maker
And he is not the only one
Because the world called them
The Fallen 44
Or the 44 has Fallen.
Whatever it is~
Whatever it was~
Our boys dies before
We can call them a man.
Filipinos are worth dying for
For whom,
On the land that war never sleep
And fear itself feared the men
Who always carried a gun on their hip
It’s a hapless thing
It wasn’t fair
Why we been manipulated
Why we always shut our eyes
Why we pretended to be asleep
It was the longest dawn
Where bullets flew side by side
It doesn’t care what things they got
Only for sure they ruin lives
Lives of ordinary people
Who are living with an ordinary aspiration
Saying a million times~
By skill and virtue, we triumph.
The breeze from the Celebes Sea
Blow gently on blood-stained ground.
It continued to drift on or stayed in awhile
Perhaps lost in the Pacific
The sun wound up
The bond of light and dark exploded
A curled violet hue clouds
A haze of endless pinky-redish streak
The blue and green patches
The gray-ish that spun over
A white and creamy curtain
Touches the dead bodies
Who fell on their own country
Killed by their own country men
Killed by people they never meet
People who had only one desire
Squeeze your trigger
And kill those mothafucka
Kill ’em fast
Kill ‘ em for good
Or else they got you
And it would be your end
But for what
Because that’s the way of the world.
Still I hated it to ask
For whom the bell toll
For whom, O God!
Why the night took so long.


“Five months on a row and justice was slow
Nobody had gotten behind bar. “
Herbert Siao
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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