I looked at the window,
The whole world seem so hot
The weather was intense,
I drunk  lemon juice
The desert of Eastern Province
Seem to
Evaporate into a glassy searing light
Some tree birds drunk water
From the faucet. I sighed
Grabbed another glass
Some big trucks carried gasoline at the highway
Miles up north,
Always conquering the whole world
Like ants on a turnpike ant lane
And I had the freedom watching it
With immense silence

I wish I could hear the rumble of their tires and
The muttering of the driver behind the wheel
The dust flew upward,
What a profound mystery,
Isn’t it
The hand that mould all of these
Chiseled day by day
Sculpted all night long
For a thousand years
Since when everything were new
The wind whisper softly
The soft tremor beneath
The roar of the thunder
The chuckle of the river bed
The murmurs of the sea
The rustle of the grass
The ripple on the pond
The grunts of the woodland
The hiccup of the flowers
The harp of the earth
You are everything
You are sweet with such beauty
I kept on staring at you
From the window
Why would I
The glasspane were stained
By some robins dropping
Sad, its really sad.
Uh you better stop it.


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