Shut Up


Have you ever tried
to write some story
I did but always abandoned it
well that’s sad
you better finish it
okay, okay? more than a nod.
at one sit, I harrowed 2500 words
I’m tired after an hour
there’s always tomorrow
opened a can of diet soda
watched some movie
then read. What a heck of a reader
6 books at a time
3 novels with two to five chapters
each of it daily
1 short story book, 2 poetry book
King James Bible, few
articles on fishing and some headlines
at Yahoo news
the next day, I continued the story
what a nice day
1600 words, not bad
then I did 15000 words
after a week, I’m grinning
what would it be, 85000 words at the
end of the year
suddenly something popped out
apps advertisement
oh c’mon, hit a delete icon
then decided to continue some draft
where was it
it’s gone, like a smoke in the haystack
it’s gone, cold bloody gone
15000 words and
vanished with some ads on the apps
it’s isn’t fair
foolish technology
do you still write
shut! up!
it’s sad
oh c’mon-
you better stop asking
tsk tsk
one word and I could yell
did I roll my eyes
when I said I call a cop
threw myself on the bed
after an hour
am snoring  and babbling.


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