The Seeker


How many hours it take
if I walk from Raffle to Orchard
my stomach churned
I guess nobody knows me
if I did this walking in a sultry city
of Singapore
all my life, I’ve been a walker
there is a sense of freedom
doing it. I entered the dome
and gathered my eye inside
for it seem a bit dimmer
it was also happen to be a mall
reading some pasted papers on the wall
for a possible job offer but none
there are few paper back novels
laid on the table at the central hall
at fair price and I took one or two
the winner of David Baldacci
and a thick book insomnia by Steve King
there is a small resto at the side
no one had dine so I said
I could try and it’s perfect for me
I went inside and ordered
steamed-chicken with red sauce
topped on a white fluffy rice
along with green lettuce
red fruit juice of course
one of the cheapest so far
soon as the taste hit my tongue
I almost suffered a heart attack
fought my feeling to burst
the crew who had a Chinese eyes
asked if I came from Myanmar that
I almost laughed and said no
he went back to his counter
stood there watching at me with respect
I don’t deserve that I wanna say
as he hold on his butcher knife
with incredulous smile on his face
I snort secretly not to offend him
and consumed the food as fast as I could
or maybe I’m just hungry
when I’m done
I inserted a one dollar bill at the plate
walked fast so I couldn’t meet his eyes
thank you sir- he told me that I nod
what would be my next stop
it’s too early, of course to my secret



bedok library was a two-story building
I read there most of the days
of my stay on the country
reading their history and literature
I’m so sorry, but you been rejected-
said by my e-pass agent that morning at his office
don’t be- but I preferred not to say though
I walked away and lost my interest
I do the best I can- he shouted at his Singlish accent
but I was on my way already
the road was on my mind
I think I whispered, shame on you-
life on this world
were like a gamble
you had to lay your best shot
lest you could say
I did or you did not
when it was dark
I started to walked back at HDB
it was a massive building hub to each other
cocoon of middle class occupants
local or foreigners. No one is outside
like you had this feeling of a banshee
the sky was inky black, only a flash of lightnings
sliced on it across
the way a knife swash-buckling
on an invisible enemy
the wind was colder and the loud boom
roared soon I step in the gate
shook the whole place
another day passed
fail or victorious taught me
how to be brave;



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