God Only I Could Said Is God




6:30 in the evening
I went at the back at
The most deserted place in the camp
The sun was silent as I am
It slowly descended at the west
Red fiery disc
Wane in front


On my face
I told myself
God could you please
The very soil on my feet
The bushes that swayed
The wind kissed me on the cheek
The turnpike road where
The truck crawled in solitary mode
The endless desert sands
The highway on
The sky sketched by
The jet plane far above
Then me
Looking at the sun as it looked
Back on me
That it was gone
God its gone
As I said please
I still stood on my feet
The wind still blowing on the shade
My soul sung and dances
From the rhythm of the heat
As the dark gnawed its last trace
Hundreds of robins
Flew toward me
Only I could said
Is God.



”  The most beautiful thing ever happened on me here in kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
The sun setting in June. God, I missed home and my family “


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