My Other Life


don’t get mad if I overheared what
you two said
you never know me as I unto both of you
not a single chance that I will
just eavesdropping and keenly observed
your gestures and how you two behave
it was Christmas morning
i take it as gift
to jot all on the page
a yellow cab just stopped beside
your over sized body and nearly hit your angry face
the giant almost destroyed the front door of the car that
he slammed quick
as he sat
near beside the middle age driver who whistled
silently behind the wheel
you grunts and spit at the side window
perfect day you said
lowered my eyes and decided to mind my own business
opened the book of Paul T., my other life
almost already drown on the sentence I uttered quitely at the back sit.
some highschool students
doesn’t care all around. Fingered the keypad of
latest mobile at their hand and smiled, still eyes fixed on the
tiny minnie monitor. A young woman who kept looking at her watch and reached something on her
ear and laughed mirthfully covering her lips with her purse
what in the world was happening around
then you started singing on a deep bellowed voice
you smiling now on the front with an out of tune lullaby.
i be home this Christmas
the driver sung with you
i be home this Christmas
then the both of you laughed like kids
who seem to knew each other for a long time
i told the driver to stopped the car
and reached
my fare on his palm for the ride
the driver looked intently at the book on my palm
the front cover has picture of a man’s face
that wore a dark glass that intently looked
back on his face
he paused for a while and raised his eyes at me who intently wore a dark glass too
he cleared his throat and said
Merry Christmas
people walked briskly on this little city of mine
during this season with smile on thier faces
it’s still early morning and their merriment
hovered at the ceilings of the mall
pressed my white chef uniform and started to drift with them
It’s Christmas morning and i do not know
i be damn i said audibly.



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