The Plague

zombie Outbreak

you have to cherish
what life you had right now
what if
you woke up one day
and you discovered
the world you had last night
isn’t yours anymore
even it remain it was
as it is
it never would be
all the people
the entire human race
had change
what if
the rumour are true
about the plague
about the people
wishes death
more than they want for life
and they hope
for a man who will shot
them on the head
they gladly embrace it
even if they doom
what if
it won’t work
the theory of man’s view
was all wrong
and you still long
for blood and flesh
with broken skull
and sputtered brain
what would you gonna do
you have a wife
a kids
and you need to protect them
you need to feed them
because you love them
what if
all you had plan
wouldn’t be realize anymore
you started to stay more and more
inside your house
bar the windows
lock carefully all the doors
as if the darkness inside
is far safer than going out
in the daylight
what if
your kids are crying
of starvation
would you let them die
with a single line
of tear on their cheek
because you love them
and you were afraid
you might get sick
when you went back
from the grocery store
your not you anymore



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