How Much Longer I Could Take

How Much Longer I Could Take


man should walk away
wave his trembled hand inside a
departing bus
while his son and daughter
hug their tiny hand around their mom
at the side of the terminal
looking with those eye of unbelief
he did it afterall
the world demanded him to leave
for good
he had too
to raise them
to provide their needs
to make their dream be realize


how many hours had gone
and now he sat on the bench
waiting for the plane arrives
it was the worst thing you ever witness
worst than the war of the 40’s
to earn for a living
even how hard on his part
there’s no day he had feel satisfy
there’s no chance he wouldn’t look at it
that scene rolling over and over on his mind


like a traumatized war hero
who had seen the bitterness of man’s wrath



I am like a man sitting on the mountain
looking into the world as a big prison cell
there is no difference between there
I won’t forgive myself why I did it
why I walked away
I always regret it
but this is not for me anymore
it’s for my kids and their future
I have to sacrifice myself turning in
on a crime I didn’t make
if it was
how much Longer I could take.



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