One Moonless Night At The Sea And It Rain All Through It


we were young
we canoed silently the brown little boat
of our Grandpa
of course, we stole it
we had to go fishing under the blue sky
at 4 in the afternoon
the sun move down
witnessed how beauty it retract
on my eye
at the middle of
tropical sea
the birthrights of the Pacific
like two world converge to each other
light and
hug to each other
as the sun
and stars and moon
and the hovering birds
the blue deep green murky waves
the smell of the burnt ocean

I wish I wanted to be a painter –
I said
what –
bummer asked
I throwed my fishing line
thinking of what I said
the beauty of what I’ve seen
and the feeling of regret
I ain’t got talent of brush and tassle

when time had passed
and I grew older
not a kid anymore
the dream died on my very eye
but not inside my heart
the fire
almost ebb
with a small spark
started to lit
a candle tongue

One moonless night at the sea and it rain all through it

we embarked
the way the big guys do for a living
fishing to the open sea
the current was strong
it drifted us far
we ain’t afraid
we just tired of harrowing our fish hook at the sea line
we just tired of the noise of the waves that kiss the sand
and our grandma called us to go home because its time

when the night already deep
dark and sad
the wind moan loud like mockery
rain poured in
from the sky
roar of thunder
blinding lights
the sleeping sea woke up
with ungentle snarl of waves

our boats
seem crying
for us
it’s body
like paper toss
on the waves

bummer hold the ore on his hand
me and another boy sat at the corner
it’s already midnight when we started to see
candle tongue that glowering against the mist
the houses were silent
in the rain
they saw us
mooring on the distant
as the sea spit us from its jowl

we carried the brown little boat of Grandpa
then we ran into the bushes
with fish on our hand.



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