The Man Who Had Laughed Even A Storm Almost Came Often Every After


The day was particularly dim
Sunlit breeze might thought that it was
Another cold front
But it wasn’t
Only a gale wind had blown
Not quitely slow
Knocking down the cold cup
That stood near beside the window
Almost spilled at the curve arm that rest sullen
In a colorless writing desk
Touching the cheek
The thrown coffee almost
bathe his ring
His hand
Even his blue polo he pulled
Up on his wrist
Eyes were looking outside
Mountains were green
Trees were green
And even the sea were green
Hair sway
Waltz unrest

Last week it rain
Till the other day
Yesterday he thought it would be over
The big loud rain
Woke him up at dawn this early
The wind kept bantering the unlocked window
He just stood and walked toward the chair
The rain fell sideway
Trying to break-in
Thunder shook the whole place
Lightning flash
Revealing the owner
Of the crisp laugh that rose the entire house
Laugh with the monsoon
And with the rain
Even after
Had gone
Thunder already cease
Only the dim world had accompany
The tender rain that stay
And still it never went
He softly said
It’s okay it’s okay.


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