The Butcher


He asked –
Why he was here –
On a crowded place –
Walked dileberately at the side –
Took a cigarette on his pocket –
Stuck between his lip –
How often men would look –
Closely to strangers –
And wondered –
What the heck! –
Or –
Wtf –
And tried to dissect what if –
Only those had hid genius –
One in a million –
Mostly none –
A lost traveler –
Sketched an impression –
Leave a trace –
Build his craft –
Of butchery –
An artist –
A ghost –
A wolf –
A spy –
That after the incident –
Somebody would say –
I think –
I saw someone –
And I don’t like him –
He was more spy to me –
Than a gun man –
That’s what he wanted –
That people –
Would dwell in a web of deciet –
To unknown –
Who he really was –
If he was amongst –
Those creepy middle age man –
Who collect things –
Things like dead butterfly –
Sealed on an empty bottle –
Rum or Budweiser –
Read Ulysses –
Uttered Macbeth –
On his fish at the fish tank –
Waits the telephone chime –
At the middle of the night –
The mark walked –
Turn to him –
Asked for a light –
He just quit –
A cig on his mouth –
Was what he wanted to portrait –
Wait –
A 9 mm bullet –
Land on the back head –
Sputtered the grey matter –
On a hot red brick –
The sun blotched from the hazy sky –
Look like its going to rain –
People panic –
Women scream –
Men like him who wore dark glass –
Dark tie –
Drink bourbon –
Ate raw steak –
Just walked simply –
Drifting with the crowd –
Knew how to –
Vanish into oblivion –


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