Poem Should Be Free Like Man Inside The Cage


I didn’t get much sleep
I was thinking of a poem
Lost inside my head
How it fade fast
In battered scratch paper
A poem is a fossil
Unearthed deep inside
However we chiseled them
Like art
For eternity
Some poem we read
As ordinary
It look like a stranger in the roadside
Leaving his wife
His home
His kid
And the image lingered on our head
For quite some time
A poem should be written down the way
Uttered from the lips
Of common people
People who woke up everyday not on his own room
And found lights that came in from the window
They smile
A poem often haunt us
That you had to sit and write
No matter what
Sometimes poem written
Like people
You could see them walked around
Holding some cheap booze
And drunk like there’s no tomorrow
We wonder what’s going on
We started to judge them
We criticized then we were sorry
As we watched them at the corner
Sat there for
Such a long long time
Like waiting their lovers to come over
While seasons gyrated a slow
Circular movement for immortality
And when all of these done
They still on
That chair
Even everything had change
For them
It doesn’t matter
Poem should
Be uncage
It should
And it does
Forget the laws of the world
Don’t let yourself sound like someone
You as a poet
Don’t just sat there
Capturing the lines on a piece of paper
Rhyming like the rest of everybody else
Staring a good meter for hours
For days
For weeks, months, even years
That we own it
And say, I’m good
You should be
A free thinker
A free man
Poem are free
They been born at the back of our head
Let them walk
You can let them hover for a while
Then tell
Off you go lad
Off you go
Even it doesn’t come back
Even how we love them
Let them be alive
Don’t yah worry
He knows who you are
He speak about you all the time
Like a bird
It will flew into the world
He will return
And you still on that chair
With a pen and paper
Tell a story between each line
Don’t get tired
All poem were written unfinished
Poem are just like a mountain
Covered by thick mist
A sand castle
You destroyed and rebuild back next summer
Nib your pen if you had a chance
Then let it go again
Away from you
Just make a wave
But not to say goodbye.


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