Asiong Salonga: Manila Kingpin

Flattened nail


In an abandoned building

A man

Stretched an elastic cord

Attached carefully in a piece of wood

Cold bloody-

Soul less beast


Flew swift

Without making a dramatic sound

Just a long swish

Making its way through the rain

The unlucky one took it on

His rib cage

Down to his lungs

Blood gush

Staining the white shirt

In a few moment 

He kneeled

Gasping for air

The son of a bitch got me

The son of a bitch got me

He cried

In the corner

Who does care if they killing

In the dark

The city was a jungle

The whole country know

What happened in the 50s

Pack of stray dog

Roamed aimlessly under

Polluted-smoke sky

King smirked

His diabolical stare

And his hiss

Then still they love him

lord of lies


On his hideous crime

Herbert Siao

Saudi Arabia


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