Time To Finish The Race


Photo: dieselcrew.com

there are days
the path you are walking was thorny, maybe
only for now.
Problems and crisis tried to stop you to arise.
It might, but do last.
There are times, storm crawling from afar,
You knew it was for you
Its steady wind lash
Starting to
knock you down
and you grieve. Not long-
Stand, and just stand
soon you  can take your step back
You went to battlefield, because you should,
if not, who will and who be
weak hand and tired mind, shouting you to stop
still you can raise your bloody weary wrist
and throw your eyes to the sky.

Hearts of the brave:
it was love.
It hold you,
it clings on hope
It touches those that you care, those that you love.

Don’t give up.

Just finish the race
The finish line were just an
arm length
away from where you fell

Walk on
Slow doesn’t matter
Just walk
And walk
And walk
Just don’t stop
You are not alone
A shadow was there
and don’t ever think
you are just all alone.


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