Hey! Where are you going John?


where are you going John?

leaving the
country to unknown land

only the
hand of family waved goodbye

and the
tears rolled down on their faces

kept on coming in the head

can’t pull the
knife that struck on the skull

Starved to death
the whole nation were in tranquil

empty handed and
courage, would I care?

hey! where are you going John?
why hands tremor down under your trouser

held a small traveling bag
fidgeting the smooth passport

that bought all from emptied wallet
o tax here, tax there, pls. stop robbing us

we’re going to war
unsure what lies ahead

brain drain Philippine
your teachers and engrs. & the skilled
had left you
don’t they love you?

soon you have no plumber
road sweeper

mother for a new born child
father for a growing son

what you had now was a house
that about to fall

brain drain Philippine
why sent us to battle

open your eyes now mom
before its too late

lost faith on democracy already
stopped talking about it,
will you please

don’t ask

what airport our feet head next
at dusk

what now John? why had long face
don’t know,
guess it was a shock
a hysterical shock and

this long miserable loneliness of regret.



# 26 months working abroad, God I missed my wife and kids.


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