End Time


Should I
Stopped to stare the
For it
Caught a blue fire starting to 
My soul

It showed sign and wonder
For us all

Waiting and wanting
Why stay on July skies
When the world asleep
In August

Why now and
Not then
Mankind awaits
And ceased to move for awhile
Darting all gazed upward

He loves us
We are his children
He who said from the start

Let there be light
Stuttering the darkness
Life started
Not by universal accident
Of ions and thunder
But with the word

Men by nature
Were evil

Battling for perfection
We did truce for hypocrisy
On ebbing tide of

From the voice that been shouted
In the wilderness
We ignored

Just believe
Who already came and gone
And soon will stood
In the cloud

Because now

The moon were snatched
In the heaven
And locked
In an uncork wine bottle

And when it goes up again
A red bloody moon in September
Will hoist in the sky
Signaling the end of
Our race


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