We Had No Country Our Own


We had no country our own
Million of us
Were in diaspora
Leaving our motherland to seek for greener grass
To end up the
malignant cancer that took
our hope and these
poverty in the third world
Good life
is sweet once you toil
an honest work and hardship
Some people discriminated us
calling our educated women as maid
and our
gentlemen as toilet scrubber
We still held our chin high
Our heart and intention is pure
we could walked proud and the memories
from our family back home
make us dream on
a linen at our nakedness
that fade in our ear
still crisp even the years gone by

Overseas Filipino Workers
In the world
Wherever they are
They are our modern hero

I am one of them

A tired
Not rather big plane banked
over the Pacific
It quiver under the moonlit eve
The pilot voice woke me on my
When he announced the weather
of heavy cloud
that means down there
the whole city was raining
I sat near the window
I could see
the lights at houses
Bus and cars on the
buildings that stood skyward
The dimness surprised me
Ah! Loneliness… I said mutely,
Be gone and
me heart
don’t stay
Bolts of lightning and thunder
Grimace in the sky below

– welcome to Singapore!, they said
In the plane doorway

I talked to immigration officer
To please
should I help
to a fellow that seem in trouble
– I can translate
He scowled
but I insist
A young boy of 21
Whom almost cry,
rattling his papers
– God please… God please…
help me.
– hey, I said
His eyes looked pleadingly at me and his gradual shivering
A pin prick pierced my heart
– what is your problem, brother?
– He asked and I don’t get what he said, he had that accent,
I guess his mad and want to deport me
right away.
It isn’t right I felt
I snatched the one page paper with a Co. logo on his hand
– I think, this is what you want officer

The Immigration Officer eyed me
All my life
I didn’t seen such hatred
There these smile
at my lip
He checked carefully the paper
Then slammed the go signal to the passport

– welcome to Singapore!

I walked and a fellow Filipino
Looked at me and said,
– thank you
– its okay, I said relieved
Why they always said welcome
Never mind
I sniff the humid air
the lights were much dimmer
The rain just started to fell
as I stepped my feet to a foreign land
and walked bravely
I believed that
Strong people cannot be defeated


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