When It Rain


The air had knocked the bell in the citadel
Blow cold and bird flutter, looking for haven
Dry leaves started to fell,
The soil awaits, observing the sky
Corn field bowed, its tendril kissed
the hibernating moss in the ground
The rain came and almost everything
Had exclaimed, O it rain
Sometimes at night, it knocked soft on our roof
As if a raven poke its beak to our window pane
We smiled and rolled to other side
The rain came and we listened, we wore our
Thick clothes,
hid from our closet,
a mug of freshly brewed coffee,
when it would be over, hope it won’t stop, and let stay
Take the half finish novel
on the table, read while it beat
and hooves
and we just nothing to say
and observed
how we were so silent
Letting the rain to sneak around.


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