Bad Boy


Shutters the glass
Of the
Street light in the alley
Men faced each other
metallic chain clinked
Teeth gritted
Bone knuckle crackled

The moon
As long
It cast shadow
But not here

One by one
The windows starting to
Slammed slow
Like eyes closes
When the wind
Blows steady in the storm

An empire
In the slum
Derange paradise
Been taken
Blood spilled at
The hungry soil
Joining the foul
Stench of excrement

Smooth jeer
Like mock
Brandished his urinal spray
In the dark and
Stone rained
Then the
Gang men collided
Under the polluted sky
Spat blood and horrid saliva
The baddest
And the smartass took
The throne

There may be silence
Letting the wound to heal
Burying their dead
Until some greed
Will brawl
In the god forsaken

Who wants to fight! —
Skeleton hand held a knife
Dangling the rum
On his pants pocket
Eyes were red like
A dead insane dog

A mere child
Raised a revolver
Unleashed the blood thirst
Shot that shocked everyone

The pope is dead! —

Puckered lip
Hideous tattooed face
Laid on a pool of blood

The child
Hid the gun gently
On the jean pocket
Slid a cigarette on the lip
Untrimmed hair covered the face
Cadaverous skeletal body
Simply walked in broad daylight

Worries are for those who howl
Like dog at night
Their time been numbered
Send the word
Unbreakable wall
A new bad boy in Manila
Is emerging
And hunting him down.

— I’ve run through the gates of hell
Dan Brown


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