How Easy They Forgot


(How Easy They Forgot) Typhoon Haiyan

Just a rain
Poured down gently
On monsoon day
Coat and lunch box
Their bags
Books, pencils, and hope
Smiled and kisses hard
Hugs tightly
As if it was the last
Momma was silent standing
In the doorway
Waved goodbye
The night came
Everybody stayed inside
Papa, Momma, big brother,
grand ma Nana, the dogs
Cats and
(O God!)
A small breath arose over
The Pacific
Lust eye
Dances like Raven
In the night sky
Let’s pray! Papa said
And they prayed
Oh Lord! Let us stand together
To face this storm
(Yolanda came in like a rage witch
     And claimed many lives)
She took Papa and Momma
And John and Nana
Her cat and John big brown dog
Her doll Kaitlyn
All of them drifted away
And she was there
In silent clasping the air


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