I just read a poem
It caught me

Like you taste an ice cream
For the first time

Still my eyes
At the words the way it

Goes doesn’t go with what
I thought it should

From my past read
Of poem

The Titans look shameful
I guess that

They had it good
On their time

But not at this
On this dusty chapbook

A story
Had ended so fast

Rain consumed during
Summer burn lilacs

At the graveyard
Like ash that go

With the breeze
As if it wasn’t there at all

Of everybody does
That we just passing through

We live and
We die

And laugh
Then feel sick and sorry

Then we climb to our bed
And not asleep

For hours
Days and contemplate

Stood and put on sandal tiredly
Sat at the side of the bed

No one was there beside
And ask what’s wrong

The late wind
The night go deep

And open the first page
Of that book

And read gloomy
Beside the lamp


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