La Danse Macabre

destiny already written 

there’s nothing you can do

fate, then

you are wrong

a man held his card on a poker table

drown himself, having a mugshot

catcalls, insults and fist fight

broken ribs, bloody lip

knife plunged deep, he bleed

From the start you build a home

Woman, child, cats on the chair

Colors fade, slab corroded

the gutter on the roof given up

wrecked at the gail wind

the twisted sound

Amir went outside

and put a candle on a stone

a 12 year old boy

thought he could hugged  you 

His birthday

at that age he knows

what love is

glowing outside the doorway 

Dying in the cold, staring at your soul 

La danse macabre 

you laid over the sidewalk

stabber shaking his head in perpendicular horrendous madness the reaper came and sat beside

black cloak, envious lustfull hate

and you said; 

okay, here I am. I think, it’s time

and he grinned a morbid stare

the world still the world

the moon opaque slithered

Your kid asleep and having a nightmarish hysterical dream

Wife near the window 

man, father, husband, pillar, master, 


the make up artist at funeral houses were exhausted

the doctor and the nurses were exhausted

the prison guard doesn’t have 

a night sleep 

no more space for another grave

all the people in the world

had struggled on their own

each on a guillotine

and some

had decided to gave up

some just started to outcry                   

and their bone

grimaced under the gloom

don’t close your eye  

the candle glowed outside your home

and your child

kneeled in the dark 

before God and that is love

Love is the greatest; it conquest

even death

A scenes from the past came in 

At your hollowed skull

your child at the table next to you

wife look at the sight

the laughter, simple happiness 

tomorrow always a better day

there is such thing then, 

we called hope

you need to fought back

someone found you sitting at the sidewalk

next on your blood pool

hold on. He said. Think of something light, a candle perhaps, 

few moment

the siren wailed at the distance

crowd started to gathered festive          

at the sight

and you smiled

at death sat next at you

Not yet, Not yet. The night still young

maybe next time, perhaps

 you said

And a song begun to hummed 

at your head

Somewhere over the rainbow 

Blue birds fly


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