Hey Dude ( O pare ko )

Banca sailed silently on the Sarangani Bay

We sat on the spar deck
Talked about the latest rock  band
Have you heard their song?
Yes and I continue watching the star solemnly
It is Eraser Head, damn it’s cool
Yeah but I likeYano
They had black t-shirt,
Ripped pants, and red Robertson shoe
I like your shu, it’s red
Yeah but I prefer blue
Then we tried to grow our hair long during summer break
How much is your shu?
I just don’t know
It’s red man. It’s red
We opened Tanduay rhum
Check this out K.
I don’t drink D.
Yo wore red Robertson shu Yo, black shirt with a puma fierce blue eyes, ripped jeans
and you dun drink
I reached the glass and took a shot
It burned and I coughed
They laughed and we laughed under the gleaming billion stars in the night
The banca still sailing on the blackness of the water
Check this out K.
I don’t smoke D.
Yo what the heck, yo had hair on the 70s and yo dun smoke
it is the 90s and Eraser head sung Huling El Bimbo
in the MTV Asia. Look like they got best alternative of the year. Said some kind of award
it burned and I coughed
We laughed harder
After that K. we have maryjane, O. took it on the park. Elmer stick. Have you seen him K.?

Never seen a stick man before

Then we laughed

Smoke mary & red cig having a Rhum in the sea
And yet I looked at the black sky
I am still lonely
c’mon little bro, sing with me
O. had a guitar on his hand
Then we sung O Pare Ko ( Hey Dude)
And we laughed
Hey little bro, I heard yo do college.
I didn’t speak.
O. asked, lighted a red cigarette
I do English course O.
K. I noticed yo always reading, why
I don’t know
Then I thrown my gazed infront
The night is growing deeper and the boat still cruising in the blackness of the sea


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