Footnote to RJ and NC and why I want you to Read

When I was a kid like you, I found a bunch of book on my grandmothers house. I was amazed on the picture the author trying to convey at me as a reader. I remembered the first story I read written in Philippine Literature during and before the great war.
I don’t excell in my subjects at my school days; where in fact I admired the students in model section. I looked at them with respect.

I hated mathematics maybe because my intellectual capacity below average or maybe I’m not blessed.

In every aspect on our lives, it is our nature to seek our own passion. Then reading came in.

I read voraciously like a worm in the wood. 

The harder the better. 

Here is the list of period where I found I had nothing to do but read and thought me about life;

Grade School days: 

~are moment when I read the classic tale of One thousand and one night or known as Arabian Nights. Then The story of Odyssey. The Grimm fairy tale. it’s like I read it a hundred times during weekends on those days. Another hobby is I bought old issue of comics.

Here, I was introduced on the advent of popular local comics, Philippine Manga which been influenced from the West as far as Spanish colonial era. To name one, was Aliwan and it was my favourite where I read some of the movie and telenovela now a days.

Captain Barbell, Lastikman, Dyesibel, Anak ni Zuma.

 I guess I’m lucky enough to experienced this on my generation.

Highschool days: 

~ My reading thirstiness on this stage opened my eye on the world, how it was so cruel and that made me sad.

 During that day of my life I was introduced to Shakespeare, Chaucer, Antoine Galland and a dozen few. What really made me sad is the book of Dr. Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It was the first time I cried reading.

I felt this great… sadness…on evilness of man against his own fellow. 

Another genre that I love to read that time was romance novels. Of course I read Dekada 70 of Lualhati Bautista which been later installed in movie that I considered as an instant classic.

Romance paper back novelette stirs my imagination. I borrowed books from everywhere. I read till the wee of dawn. I don’t read at school. I don’t like people see me reading. it’s like I’m some kind of a moron if someone might see me in the corner nipping pages after pages. It’s like your not cool, a tear-jerker.

College days :

College is somewhat long and lonely journey for me. I enrolled in AIGS as an aircraft maintenance. Two years is like two decade. I am not happy. When I finished the boring stuff, it’s like I say:

Is that it?

I had vocational and had no job. I had no money and desperate. Sometimes me and my friends went on the street jamming a guitar. 

I looked at us as if we are new bunch of  wasted generation. Some punk that might have trouble in fist fight or worst to sleep a night in jail.

Maybe I’m not that kind of person who might end that worst.  Then I went to my aunt’s house and borrowed the complete thick volume of popular science, Psychology, World History, Sociology, and World Literature. I stayed inside the house and my gimmick became lesser.

I read all of it, cover to cover.

Then I discovered John Grisham. 

I read The Client in the corner in one sitting.

Dickinson, Tolkien, Hemingway, Faulkner, etc are few of my classic critical reading.

That’s the start wherever I goes I had novel in my hand.  

Nipping pages after pages like a worm in the wood. 

When we finished our students life, we stopped reading and joined in the real world.

That usually people do,



Although learning is not only found in reading.

Reading is a magical world for you to witness

that not everyone had tried.

Learning is a lifetime opportunity that only stop in death, I qoute 
Maybe it’s not too late to experience the joy and contentment through reading.Read a newspaper, a magazine, a Bible or download Kindle or wattpad.

Good books, bad books,it don’t matter.

Just sit in the chair or stay in the corner and read.

One thing you gained:

no matter what circumstances you had in this life, you two always be ahead of your time 

if you listen what I’m trying to say.


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