Take Shelter 

Everyday, I choosed one or two movie that I watched on my mobile phone. It happened this movie brought my curiosity from 2011.
Michael Shannon portrayed the role effectively. He suspected he had his mother illness schizophrenia on his gene at very early stage of his 30’s. 

Some people around him discovered that he had ill that cost him to lost his job even his friends. He had a frequent visits on his counselor and took unofficial prescription for his mental condition over the counter pills. He doesn’t share what was running on his head with his wife that almost tear them apart. He had hallucinations, delusions and erratic nightmares.

Love is powerful, let me declare it at once. Those that love us always with us no matter what…

and against all odds… and it is true love.

His wife never leave even she knew the risk. How it cost so high.

More often…people try to peek what is going on at some family. They tend to compared themselves to them and said daM that’s a freakuwwww…! 

Family is a family, and we should respect that. We don’t know what storm they been through with the ups and down on this unpredictable life. There is always storm  coming and it never stays at one place all over again.

With the dawning of climate behavior these recent years; earthquake, Haiyan, volcanic eruption, birds falling mysteriously from the sky, fish floating dead on the shore, violence and greedness, you should pick up this movie.

We all know there is something 

BIG is coming.

We, on this generation tend to ignore what’s happening around us..the world is dying. We were on the–

LAST DAYS, and on the verge of extinction, believe me.  

There are lots of people did not have a good night sleep on this world right now. They were out there studying the movement of the planets, why the sea turned like a bloody red ink and of the impending war or peace.

Love like a shadow deterioting fast and waning like a cup-jelly from every man’s heart. On this movie, I could see how powerful it is… like a single tear on the single eye and stayed on that side cheek undry.

Watching this movie I remembered a passage of poem from Charles Bukowski and it says,

‘more haters than lovers

slices of doom like taffeta

people are not good to each other

people are not good to each other

people are not good to each other

and the beads swing and the clouds cloud

and the dogs piss upon the roses

and the killer beheads the child like taking a bite

out of an ice cream cone

and the ocean comes in and out

in and out

under the direction of a senseless moon

and people are not good to each other.’


2 thoughts on “Take Shelter 

    • Thanks for the comment Sir. Yeah the movie is good. It’s a fantasy, science fiction, drama. Although you can sense it was low budget film but the actors are good and the twist on the plot is unexpected after the climax.


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