Just Fly

Not too late to find your own path

Live on it, sleep on it, walk on it,         eat on it,

shit on it, 

and do things sometimes people 

around misunderstood you

The heck with them

Stop chasing the wind that not yours 

To flutter

Start little by little

Listen to the beat of the clock at night 

dance on that beat

Shadow box like some insane in 

The asylum 

Of course they would laugh

Then what?

It’s your life, 

It’s your song

It’s your beat

if you can’t run, walked

Even if you’re broke 

Take a step, at least your doing it, 

challenge yourself

every now and then

And the next day

At the same time

At the same spot, 

add another mile until you take

a milestone 

don’t stop 

until you hold them with                     your hand                        

until you proven to yourself 

You do it

Set your goal


Listen to your heart

not all of us need to hum the same song

all the time

Your mind and your soul are telling

it’s time for you to shine

they love it, because they are you

your very self

Stop procrastinating

avoid the negative and the toxic 

they fill up the whole world already

You are you

And not the same with anyone

Stop looking at what they did

Stop trying to imitate what they done

Listen to the voice from within

And take it with open palm

flap them wide


don’t be afraid of failure

it should be that way

and pain is sweet when you know 

it ain’t

stay that long 

Stand, just stand, 

just stand, just stand, just stand, and

Do it bravely

if time comes that you feel your ready

throw your head in the sky

Free yourself 

from the rat cage

untie the rope that hindered

on what you ought to be doing


And when you do it



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