Hope When This Cold be Over

​~ For the recent terrorist bombing in Davao Philippine, let me shared this sad poem for your lost.

President Duterte kissed the forehead of the dead victims of terror. 

Cold World


Hoped when this cold be over, it not but wrapped him almost perhaps

This was the life he had

He guess

Even before

A man who seldom spoke

Some would think

He had already gone

After the tragic night of OH 4

He walked down the road more often

and went into the place

where all these pain had started

Stood at the same spot where blood

Stained dry

And his son breath ceased

Reside a terrified unclosed red eye

That looked at his blown hate face

Oftentimes he sob like a child

It broke him in glassy shutter

It took him awhile to found his wife

Down the glowering truck

Blood tears line down on 

Her half burned face

Stared horrified to afterlife

He just went at the ATM booth 

Left them there holding to each other

The House


People buzzed around

The bird on the crumb

Children passed from school

Road fillled vehicle gridlocked 

And honked impatiently

He walked

One step at a time

He almost seen his house

The way the dog await his tired master

After all this year

After the bomb had exploded and killed them

That he love

Nothing left on him

Only the house that knows his pain



And the memories that not his


The laughter of his child

His brave John

And the sweet kiss of his wife

Who hugged him

Loved him, cared him after

All the shit-happened on his life

But now what he had

Was this lost


A storm night continued and 

it rain nowadays like it hasn’t stopped

That easy

For days

For weeks

Sometimes for months

Ruining everything, even his entire self

It’s Time


He turned the knob

Went inside

The emptiness hugged him

He let the door ajar

For a reason

There’s always be a reason

He snatched the half finished whiskey

at the kick-staggered table

Took the gun at the side



Don’t want it to be


The cold muzzle

The metallic grease stayed on his tongue

That would be the taste he would

Always remembered 

Sweet like honey gasoline

It’s time, he muttered

Released the safety chamber

And let his thumb would do the rest

He wish he had

More courage

He put it back to where he took it 

Poured another glass of whiskey

Then drunk at the dark 

O God..O God! Let it go..

And the rain knocked his roof

Hard deafening rain

Like it broke apart the whole world.


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