The Bum

Bum asleep at your front yard

He had grease on his hair 

clothes worn and old 

Ripped like his soul

You pissed off

You took a pail of water and poured 

At his dirt face

He walked away confused

And the next morning 

You got mad and cursed him

That made him jumped 

He disappeared at the crowd

Night after night after night

He was there

On rainy cold or blistering heat

half naked and starved

For years as if he is part of your family

And you still pissed

One morning

he wasn’t there at his spot

and the next after

You expect him to be there

and your getting lonely

you reviewed your CCTV

And you learned

The bum cleaned the plastic cups

The dent can soda

Thrown by passerby in your pathway

There are night he can’t sleep well

from the delinquent kids who had a spray paint on their hand

and the drunk who tried to give a sideway

shot on your roll up 

And then he sat for hours till dawn

Like an angel

Like God

The night you found out he wasn’t

At your doorstep that morning

There are two men who tried to opened

Your door and he plead not too but

he been stabbed by the burglar

and he scrambled himself at the side

And sleep like nothing had happened

You cried like a child

#inspired from the TV Adv Thailand

Herbert Siao

Saudi Arabia


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