School is a place where everyone

Having a role plays

There are statesman and activists

The tyrant and the typical students

I got one subject that I haven’t forgot

It was a thing on Education

But I’m not really sure

Either was, you act like a professor 

infront of us

And our old professor sat at the farthest corner with her pulverized pale face

Eye lashes having an acrobatic

Stretched and her reading glass

Behaved and ignored what might happen

While the whole class looked at you

Waiting your eyeballs rolled outside the window and smiled filling of memory shortage

From too much time in soap operas and 

senseless slapping and crying, 


but here you are laughing with the whole class circuses

coz no one had even care

While she sat frozen at her chair with a knife

massacre stare 

blankly squared you on geometric manslaughter on the history of your childhood school anecdotal junk

That i smiled seriously, no, not just to annoyed

You, because all of us had rolled 

our eyeballs the way the clock did

counterclockwise searching for grasshopper

In rainy afternoon at the wall when there ain’t

words came out from our mouth

And the brain malfunction and stopped to pump invented alibi

And our professor stood and banged the 

black board and sneezed, QUITE

that all in a sudden an eerie paused propagate into a river flowed silent 

She took her red ballpoint pen at her big pocket clothes

And asked your name again


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