Remembering 9/11

 A day for international Peace..

and the horror of the absence of it.


Daily Inquirer in the corner 

at school library in remote part 

in the world

dissecting on events

hoping to decode 

an alien invasion conspiracy

trying to escape college 

might had

a secret job offered


A paperback novel of Robert Ludlum 

and Executive Order of Tom Clancy sneered at me 

vehemently, if why I still bringing them 

on that varnish brown table

groping at web of deceit 

I logged on

in the world wide web

and saw 

Twin tower fire blazing in the cloud 

as if a great punched had dented it

and the black smoke unfurling sail sidelong

in the disturbed sky

a Boeing had struck the glass wall


hijacker who may flirted with the stewardess and 

oogled on their long legs and behind

where they had to attend them politely

and muted: asshole, 

on their way back to crew cubicle 

I was pinned on my chair, 

eyes grew big

whimpering, NOooooo..

banging the keyboard

pleading as

It raged down

along with a thousand confused soul 

buried on rubbles and ruins


why in the world, they were there;


they were in their backyard

cutting some dead twigs of lemon tree  making vegetable salad 

with parsley, cucumber and sirloin 

steak, ice bucket beer

yellow fin sashimi 

beside gelatinous green wasabi, 

might had been caught by a 

drunk fisherman who wore straw hat 

under the heat of noon tide 

in the Pacific

whistling Debussy

all the way from the Southeast 

in the third world, 

supposed, a young man had hangover drinking liquor at the bar 

chit chatting with friend from college

aiming for promotion and trying

to reach his dream, an

American dream. Not knowing, on that early of

September 11, known widely as 

9/11 attacked would be his end

Supposed, a business tycoon who still undecided to drain his offshore 


in different places in Gibraltar

Caribbean or Cape cod

looking forward for tequila, 

relaxing on white sand 

beaches in Bali or Boracay, perhaps

that somehow had child 


thinking his cat, that

may sleeping soundly 

on the couch

Who knows,

there is a lot of possibilities that they wouldn’t be there, and

yet they had to be there

and taking their part on greatest horror 

of terror

in the history of the free world

Only just a moment, an iconic landmark, 

a tower that magnanimous 


tall for democracy and freedom


as if it wasn’t there

only the blue sky and the bustling 

wind moaning

somewhere in the far ocean.


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