​3 yers ago…

I went to Singapore looking for a job as a chef and hired in one small restaurant in Bugis. The government denied my working visa. I didn’t lost my hope and I applied for another company that hired me also. Again, the government denied my application.I got 3 denied at 4 different companies and I had no money left on my pocket.I stayed there for 3 months of great loneliness, hunger and depression. I shared with my brother’s room at Bedok Square where there was a library nearby. 

Waiting for my remaining days there,   I went at the library and study their culture, tradition and history every 6 pm till it closes at 11 pm.Mostly, I pickup Singapore and Malaysian Lit. Singapore is a rich country, and the salary is decent. Only 3 hours and 40 minutes from Manila, Philippines.I didn’t see slum or homeless during my stays there

The roads, subways, buildings, bridges and houses were almost perfect. Everybody is busy working and happy and full of dreams while mine were fading.

Then a woman approached me on the reading cubicle asking help for her son that had ill and dying in the hospital.I told her I’m sorry for her boy and I know the feeling she suffered but I’m also like a bum on a country not mine.

I wrote a poem immediately like a man holding a cam on his hand honoring the mother’s love. 

It’s not a great poem, I know and I am not a good poet but I give it a try on one literary e-zine for Filipino artist living abroad and it was accepted 3 years ago at Our Own Voice, a Filipino Diaspora.

It’s my first poem been accepted for publication. 

~ Untitled


7 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Herbert that’s a touching story. Your perseverance is admirable. The Singapore government has some unfortunate policies when it comes to hiring migrant workers. It is great that you got hired by the companies nevertheless. It shows that your skills are very much in demand. Best wishes.

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    • My work experienced in my country for 10 years makes the company wants to hire me but the government refuses because my English degree were irrelevant from food and beverages, but I know God has a plan. 3 months after I went back home I been hired in Saudi Arabia and working here now as company chef for 3 years.
      Thanks Sabiscuit, God bless you.

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      • That’s wonderful to know. Please keep working to the best of your ability and keep your spirits up. Have you pursued new certification? YouTube and Instagram can turn you into a brand. You have the diligence and the talent to pull it off. More power to you.


  2. First thing that hurt me while reading this is…why we are divided in borders! We all are human after all then why no freedom to live in a country of our own choice. Second thing is the helpless feelings!
    No doubt you are a great soul! And Im sure he listened your prayers and would have helped the mother in some way!
    Great poem! And great soul! 👍

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    • It’s true even me I still don’t understand about how they look at the qualifications to work with them. I work hard to get a college degree coz I want to be closed with my brother that ever since we are a child we don’t grow normally in one roof. That’s a chance I think I’ll fill the gap. My brother cried silently when I went to Malaysia for 5 days to exit. My visiting visa is only 2 mos and when I came back to Singapore, we only have one month together. Then I flew back to Philippine with a heavy heart. The country doesn’t care, I know but at least I tried and no one will tell me I didn’t. I know Singapore had strict rule on letting the expat to work on their country I hope they will have reconsideration in the future and proper screening face to face and not just they stamp denied base on their personal judgement. Have a nice day ahead.

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