Maybe they don’t like dog —

What? Just leave him here. His grown.

How could you, my wife protested 

He used to  sleep down near my feet,

Reading Gilgamesh for my term paper that semester

Imaging him solely sad on the floor.

Damn it! I said. I went to our old

House —

I saw our drunkard roommate
Playing an “O” ring on his cigarette smoke, at the gate

How was Jake, I asked. Whose Jake?

The Dog. What? …The DOG JAKE!

Disposed his cigarette butt flying circular on the air

The car hit him hard that day           

you guys moved

We gave him a merciful kill after

Thinking his carcass

naked on the stove

Headless fur coat ditched

The drunkard salivated

As the baseball bat crunched

his skull

Whimpered, I vomit —


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