Crab Mentality

Hearing a gunshots charged in the air

And it murmurs

They do not shot me

They do not understand all of these

They just don’t,

Aiming the moon

Blue sky, the dark ceiling or 

Just their head skulls

Remembering empires 

On that circa of civilization 

BC or AD

The downfalls of their prestige

Same faces, mannerisms, copycat

And Plato said, ‘ Eureka! ‘

— No, it wasn’t him, I said

And I looked at the wall

Not on their faces

And they still lurking in one lonely place

Back biting 

Let me quote Bukowski as he quoted Ibsen —

Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupidify themselves.
Those were the old days…

Those were the old days that I couldn’t help myself but laughed 


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