​I been nominated for 3 days quote challenge and I would like to thanks    

I really appreciate.

Check out her blog too as I enjoyed reading her post.

The rules goes like this:

~Thank the person who nominated you. 

~Post a quote for three consecutive days.

~Nominate three new bloggers each day.

“First quote that I’m going to share excerpts from the serialized novel of Stephen King, The Green Mile. 

I read the book a few years ago. A great read I couldn’t put down easy that after I finish, I wrote a short story similar on the plot but decided to discard at the trash bin. My sole purpose is  to indulge my admiration on his craft. 

The closing paragraph really caught me. It was like a sound of shot gun fired in the middle of the night and you sat at the corner affected, how life of people around you ended and you live longer than you really expect it.

The Green Mile… And here it goes —“

Three bloggers I nominate on this challenge :

Writing of M


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