more than a story or a poem # 1


Recurring Dream

I took a quick nap and often

been like these

Shaken at the corner


Big military trucks carrying


covered with black tent

Almost destroyed the asphalt road

panting on and tired

I’m lost on my way home

people were running

I think of my family

why I’m out here

we dropped on the side of the road

long dull voice that make your

hair stand

Terrified scream

And stuff shooting down

from the sky

Like a tap tap tap finger on the table

black winged men

followed by loud crashes

I ask a bystander


at the barb wire fence, 

where are they going?

and he said, they were joining the war

what war?

and why people went into that big

dark cave?

I don’t know, he said then

he continued back to 

insane shocked stare

Massive earth quake and

the sea rises

Everything became 

barren uninhabited

Another screamed like 

the whole world

Screaming out of their lungs

I know it was a dream

I want to wake up now

but I want to see

what happens next

Another man told me to write it down and

I’m thinking of a good plot for a story but he pressed me

it’s far important than that

We have no time

People were lining up at the dark cave

And they lost at it

Waning shadows into oblivion

A woman charged toward me

Her eyes filled of malice and hatred

I mumbled…Jesusss Christ!

~~~ It’s a dream and only a bit of it 

were written. 

Since as a kid I always dream dreams and I want it to keep it by myself waiting for a perfect time to share but I don’t feel we have much time left.

Like I said it is not a poem or a story.

Herbert Siao

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 mos ago unrevised

No need to revise this I guess, coz I feel it’s universal and it may happen around sooner or later. Let’s pray and turns our way to God. That’s all…

Have a nice day.


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