9th Symphony

~somewhere at Sabadell, placa de Sant Roc

A little girl walked at
the cobblestone and placed a coin

at the black hat

he begun brushing his bass solo

A middle age woman sat on a chair and let her cello sing

One by one, musicians on their instruments had joined in

Crowds gathered

And they hold their phone

Focused at the sudden orchestra

Old woman clasped her palm

Onlookers still asking what’s what

Lovers holding tight

And they begun to hum with the instruments singing Beethoven’s symphony

Forgetting for awhile the world around 

And that sometimes we need a sudden things as this

to heal our heart from what was  happening and

That everyone understand each other

Of course the birds sings too

And the flowers and the trees

Tearing down the barriers between one another

And the conductor signaled them to stopped

And everyone had joy on their hearts

~ Courtesy from YouTuber who upload the video. 


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