Unborn Child (Love)


~ a father’s mourned

I asked myself

What if, you two didn’t left

You came out on this world

And I touch your cheek, 

then you snort while we giggle

In my gentle arm you were afraid to fall

We can walk in the park as if in our lifetime, do not care what time it was

The fireflies passes as we lay 

Smelling the grass under the stars

But life is unfair, sure it is

The early moon at the doorstep

I whispered, I know death better than life

There’s no doubt about it


I won’t be laughing the way I was
And smile sweet

As a sunflower envying the entire blue sky

At night. The wind bleakly blowing 

along the greedy fence

Light from the tower down the lonely mountain

Across the south goes on and off

On and off gloomily

Like it was a sad song from the oldies

Where you can see sole trucks 

Bumping on the gravel road

And the driver longing for bed.

Tears like leaves falls down in the pouring rain

At monsoon season were everything

Turn green and sadful, perhaps 

I’m the saddest person

In the world, I don’t pretend at all

As I closes my eyes

You two was there on my lap

Innocently caressing my chin

Feeling the deep breathing on my chest

With in the universe…

Herbert Siao

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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