maybe the world is too harsh
supposed, you have a bright future
a happy life
and you ended it up
because you felt, it wasn’t 
for you to fit in
and it is not the same anymore
in a busy road somewhere
where you had to look the sunrise
your smile became less
thinking, you have to go
as the world had seen it
and still they kept on looking away
smashing your guitar and the debris
went around
your hair on the floor 
while your tears had run down 
on your innocent face
and you decided, it’s time 
to eased the pain

 ~ it happened a year ago and still it haunts…


Amanda Hess

On May 27, he cut her hair to her shoulders, leaving just one long strand untouched. Then, he started filming. His camera panned from Izzy’s downcast face to the heap of glossy black strands at her feet. “The consequences of getting messed up. Man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” her father said. “Was it worth it?”

“No,” Izzy replied softly.


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