Last Rain

​~ continuation of unedited short story. 

War dance of the Manobo tribe in Mindanao had been feared by Spanish colonizer during the end of their reign at Philippines. The tribal warrior beheaded every white man they’ve seen at their land. Spaniards forced to plead at Luzon and Visayaz island.

 Although the setting happen at recent time, there’s still incidence of war dance.

Day Four : Last Rain


For many years had gone, they were reunited.

Their Mom told them that her prayers already been answered. Henry hadn’t touched liquor for so many years. Bein and Jake had forgiven him. They were dining at the table just like before. 

After the meal, they lighted a lantern and it floated, shedding light at the sky.  At 12 midnight they celebrate Christmas for the first time with joy in their hearts.

Relatives comes to visit and dine with them. Giving gift and exchanging kissed. They prayed together, a Lords prayer.

After it, they were talking at the chair when the dog barked outside. Henry went up and surveyed if there’s still a visitor. 

He saw a silhouette of man standing outside in the dark. He can’t see clearly who it was. It’s like holding something, then it moves a circular dance.  It’s erratic movement shuddering and babbling a chant.

Singing a war song for their god. The shadow dances at imaginary tune. He went outside and put a turban on his head. Jake and Bein noticed, Henry closed the door. 

“ Pa?  What’s going on? “

There is no answer. Jake grabbed the gun on the closet and went outside, he felt something isn’t right. When he adjusted his vision in the dark.

The two figures were circling each other like an eagle hovering in mid air.

He could hear Henry’s voice spoke on their native tongue. They were chanting and their feet were stepping something he tried to recall what it was.

The chant sounded as a wind passing on the bamboo leaves and a river sloshing. The other man is holding a kampilan where he brandished it upward.

War dance—

It’s too late for him to react, a tribal sword hacked deeply at his father left shoulder. 

The man retreated and run away, zigzagging at the bush. Screaming wildly and fade at the nearby trees. 

Jake run at his father and catches him before it hit on the ground. Bein were speechless and in shocked. Holding a kerosene lamp that dwindled at the soft breeze and put it at the ground and checked Henry’s condition. Henry breath weakly, uttering a silent prayer for Sarimbar. Jake asked him not to leave and cursed that Sarimbar isn’t true, and that he should stay. Marissa were frozen at the doorway.

The moon came out for the first time. Henry looked at the sea, it was calmed.

Jake held up his head, last rain landed on his cheek.

The owl hooted a long sad moaned at the tree branch, then it flew.




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