a beautiful world

​The Last Five Days

Day Five : a beautiful world


Henry laid on Jake’s arm.

“ kill me now.” He whispered. Jake were trembling, blood had soaked his shirt. “ Please..” , he asked pleading. He could feel his fathers suffering. “ I can’t take it any longer. “

Marissa shook her head. Bein doesn’t know what to do. 

Some men responded immediately had chased the suspect.

 “ Give me the gun Jake. “ Bein said when his senses regained.

Jake aimed the gun on Henry’s heart. 

“ Do it, real quick..” He coughed blood. Bein protesting. Marissa already fainted. 

This is what you dreamed Jake, it’s your chance, his mind were debating.

This man is a monster. He is a monster…a monster…a monster…a monster…

A child were silent, looking at the water. He felt like he was on top of the world.  He wasn’t afraid to fall. The young man hand were strong. He make sure the child is safe. Another child sitting not far. He was smiling, looking at them. Took a stone from the water bed and put it on his pocket.

The water was clear, and everything were in deep green. 

The trees, grasses, mountain, and even the ocean. The man adjusted the child on his neck. Asking if they’ve seen that salmon circling peacefully. The child giggled. He repeatedly exclaimed at his little voice, Papa. 

The world is unfair. Why it always has to be this way… Everything on it was hypocrisy. Everyone had to be so cruel against anyone. Anyone who never done a thing so wrong to anybody and wanting only to be happy… Only with the people he love, people he cared, more than anything else on this world. That’s why he joined the separatist leftist, for people like him, been scrutinized, been looked down. He was Lumad, noble blood had run on his veins. Men that protects nature by preserving it. For them people staying peacefully at the middle of nowhere, where the sun reign in the sky and the ocean and the forest. But how so greed the world. They put buildings, mining, factory, that spit crude at the heart and it bleeds. 

A loud thud, gun thrown at the side. Jake carried his father at his arm and put him gently at the car.  Bein hold a pressure on the wound to slow down blood loss. Marissa on her husband’s hand. She kept on telling Henry to hold on, praying silently.

Jake shirt had stained with blood. He hadn’t change. He was at the table of the cafeteria of Mindanao Medical Hospital. Scribbling some note. He can’t believe why all of these had happened. He continued writing at that state and when he put down the pencil his eyes were teary. 

The sun started ascending in the horizon. A beautiful world against all odds.

A nurse approached, informing him that Doctor Velez wants to see him. 

She told him that Henry response at the medicine is a good sign, and will survive the crisis.

He was a fighter, she added.

                   The End


Herbert Siao

November 04, 2016

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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