The black cat, blue sea blogger award

Thanks to anna who has nominated me for wonderful Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. I really appreciate it. 

You can check her awesome blog at and her friendly atmosphere she share with her readers is something.

“This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee.”

~ Here is the rules as follows

Here was Anna’s question 
1. Where are you from?

I am from Philippines and work as a chef here at kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years now.

I grow up in a house where ideology matters. My grandfather were silent sympathizers of fundamentalist Moro Liberation Front in Mindanao but things changed now when it became more extremist. Grandpa is long gone now, may his soul be rest in peace.

They said, that the island of Mindanao is a land of the unrested. 

War never end, and I witnessed it.

By different ideology and belief, clamour between the government and the Moro rebel still on the verge of committing crime against each other.

Imagine a bomb had exploded on your city as a child. Where all the members of your family and siblings will have to leave your house and sleep outside under the trees to avoid “juramentado”, a local term we call to a desperate rebel with a sword and hacks all the people he sees. It was unorthodox local suicide relatively to a jihad in the Middle East.

But we became accustomed to it and it seems it was part on our society. We undermine the treat for most of our relatives were Muslim and we are in harmony. 

Anyway, things on my place were small compared to what was happening around the world right now.

~ it’s Mamasapano’s; the fallen 44, a few hours drive from my city in attempt to capture Marwan, a feared terrorist been killed on the operation and still have no justice been serve to them.

Most of the Philippine archipelago is safe and we have a great leader whom they called the “Punisher”.

Soon our country will be free from corruption, prohibited drugs and criminality.

2. What is your hobbies ?
My hobbies are collecting and buying books at trade bookshop and put them sealed on a box waiting for my dream small library.
I read books since as a kid on which it grow deeper as I grow older. I love to be alone with nature, the blue sky, mountain, rivers, trees, ocean waves rolling down the shoreline and of course birds.

I also watched a lot of movies and claims that I watched Shawshank redemption almost a hundred times. I hated cooking but it’s a gift passed from the family and so I deal it for a living.

wait…this guy is not me but we have a lot in common.

3.What is your dream ? 

I dream to be a pastor or a teacher perhaps.

I dream to help the homeless in the street.

Seeing them suffers makes me cry like a child and I blamed, oh how much I blamed this sad dark world…

I dream to have a better source of living back in my country to stay with my kids as they grows up. 

 …okay, that’s my humble view on the question. 

It’s my pleasure to nominate a blogger. This blogger were people I read their stuff and had shared impact on me as a reader. People I want to meet if by chance. It’s okay if they don’t participate in the awards. My point is I’m recognizing their gift.

1. gringaofthebarrio
2. Leonard Durso

3. Shawn M. Young

4. L.T. Garvin Author

5. elisabeth Ann johnson- morphed

6. Ladyredot

7. Dice

My question:

1. When did you first feel, you want to write that you know and love?

2.  What books did your read and what kind of genres and of course whose the author?

3. How you can contribute a ripple of change at the present time you living towards your family, community and even for people who had read your writing, your books,or your blog post.

Thank you and have blessed day ahead 😀


2 thoughts on “The black cat, blue sea blogger award

  1. Im appreciated for you participation, I’m really glad to know you😊 .
    Feel so sorry for the situations on your native motherland , I wish you all your dreams come true and reunited with family soon , sending you best vibes on your way !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. thanks a lot. Honestly I don’t know how to deal it but it’s cool and I like to participate whatever it has good and positive outlooks.
    Anyway, that’s what my place back in the late 70’s and early 90’s.
    We have a new government reform now, adhering for what’s best for our country. Although we been looked closely at international community through our war on drugs. So much thing had happened, if we wanted to revamp our nation for a progressive future.
    A lot had been stake even our friendship with America through President Obama’s insisting our foreign policy and bilateral agreement as an allies with the extra judicial killing, but we still believe that everything will be settled in the future.
    Like it been said, in every war in a country, there always collateral damage and unavoidable sacrifices.
    The only different, it was an iron fist fight on prevalent drug abused, corruption of the oligarchs and high rate criminality rate.
    I still hope in the near future that Filipino will no longer in diaspora, working abroad and end the brain drain decay brand as a sovereign nation.
    Once again, thank you and God bless 😃


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